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Insurance Concept The Basic Insurance Concepts of Insurance Policy

Insurance Concept Insurance is great an economic institution that allows to all the transfer of all financial risk from an insured individual to a pooled insurance group of risks by means of a two type party contract. The insured people obtains a some specified money of insurance coverage against any an uncertain event for a big or smaller but certain payment for insured people.

The Basic Insurance Concept of Insurance Policy

Insurance Concept, Here we will know about The Basic Insurance Concept of Insurance which can from losses & claims to the law of large value, Here you’ll find everything which you need to know about Insurance Concept in this basic guide

Many insurance policies have own form of deductible, which means that the insured people must cover the first portion of their all loss. Like as for an example, a 10 percent deductible on a $100,000 home insurance policy means that the insurer is fully responsible for property damage that exceeds $10,000 amount up to some specified maximum amount but the coverage will have some limit.


Losses and claims
Insurance Concept is not only to know about insurance but also have knowledge of Insurance Policy. A policy holder is a person who has bought insurance policy. The insurance term loss is used to denote the payment amount that the insurer makes to the policy owner or next of ken for the damage covered under the Insurance policy. It is also used to aggregate all insurance payments in one time. We can say that there was some home loss under the home insurance policy, meaning that the hoe insurance policy holder received a value able payment from the insurer companies. We may also say that the industry lost if will be $50 bn in the earthquake.


A claim means

A claim means the insurance policy owner is seeking to recover losses payments from the insurer companies for any damage under the active insurance policy. But a claim does not result in a any loss if the amount of home damage is to subject to a insurance policy exclusion, but there still are some expenses in some investigating that the claim. There is a distinction between a claim & IN insurance loss, the terms are often used interchangeably.  Mean that an insured People event occurred or with any reference to the prospect of having to pay out money.


The law of large numbers 
Insurance markets can exist because of the law of large value which states that for a series of independent distributed random variables, the variance of the average amount of a claim payment decreases as the number of claims increases.


However, in some cases like as natural hazards such as any floods, hurricanes ,earthquakes, and such as the Oakland fire like as in 1991, create a problems for insurers companies because the risks affected was very big and by these events are not independent. They are thus classified as risks. If a severe earthquake occurs in country, there is a high probability that many structures would be damaged or destroyed at the same time.


Therefore, Insurance Concept, The Basic Insurance Concept of Insurance Policy is the variance associated with an individual loss is actually the variance of all losses that occur from the specific disaster. Because of this high variance, it takes long history of past disasters to estimate the insurance average loss with any degree of predictability. This is why small insurance companies and risk assessors would like to have databases of hurricanes, earthquakes or other big or similar disasters over years periods. With the relatively short period of recorded history, the insurance average loss cannot be estimated with any reasonable degree of accuracy.


One way that insurers companies reduce the magnitude of their any catastrophic losses is by the employing high deductibles, where the insurance policy holder pays fixed money of the loss like as the first $5,000 or any percentage of the total insurance coverage like as the first 50 percent of a $500,000 insurance policy. that is the way whereby all insurer companies pays a fraction of loss that occurs and an effect bigger or similar to a deductible. Another way of limiting potential losses is for the insurer companies to place caps on the maximum value of insurance coverage on any given piece of insured property.


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