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What’s Business Development Expert? How Companies Grow Profession

If you looking for what’s Business Development Expert? and how Companies grow profession then read article. In this article, I’ll cover What’s Business Development Expert? and how companies grow profession. However if you still have any question then place comment below, I’ll come back shortly along with answer to your question shortly.  Lets go in details for business development expert

What’s Business Development Expert? How Companies grow profession

When companies want to invest in profession to help grow and grow their profession, they become a business development specialist. This person uses his experience and business sector to identify the brand’s integrity in the face of the competition and sustainability. Business Development Expert work includes investigations of new business opportunities at the top of the development of business projects. Also awareness of industry specific trends is main work of Business Development Expert.

Business Development Manager or Director Generally reporting, they may be able to work freely independently, yet there are abilities to work as part of a team. They work in an office setting, sit for a long time, and demand for a job, and may need to work on weekends or end.

Business Development Specialists and Responsibilities

Develop a new development identification of the development of a business development and developing new ways to increase the company. This work can be done by the anger of responsibilities, such as:

Market research

To understand how the position can be achieved in the brand of a particular industry, a business development specialist should organize a wide range of market research. It includes rivalry product development and marketing strategies, as well as maintaining identification of shopping patterns and emerging trends.

Business Process Analysis

To advise the ways to get more revenue, business development experts will first have to analyze the current business process of the company. To do this, they can influence the performance of factors as well as the costs of marketing costs, marketing and branding efforts.

Manage financial information

They manage professional financial information, including financial analysis, reconciliation, as well as reports of sales and profits forecasting. They collect information from cash flow, income statements, balance sheet and proportional analysis.

Customer service

As the main way to increase income is to increase sales, a business development specialist often works with the responsibility of promoting and maintaining client relationships. In order to determine potential customers, they are responsible for working to facilitate networking and industry events, new client offers and client meetings. Must be based on customer so that customers are available to sell issues as well as issues or concerns to define its product and its details.

Staff Coordinator Skills

Business development expert must obtain essential communication and writing skills, be able to get talented skills to work together with business and development as well as with colleagues and customers.

Basic skills: If you are looking for a business development specialist, keep in mind that more and more job lists are those basic skills to those candidates:

  1. Ability to analyze data and analyze date.
  2. Ability to create business projects with the objectives of action.
  3. Strong computer skills
  4. Networking skills to connect with business partners and customers.

Advanced Skills: Adding you these advanced skills to resume can help you move into a business development field:

  1. Marketing and Advertising Strategy
  2. Sales experience
  3. Work experience at the beginning or with new business development
  4. Manufacturing experience

Trade tools: Employment is often needed for these devices:

  1. Word processing, presentation tools and spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Office Suite.
  2. Email and scheduling applications, such as Outlook
  3. Personal computers
  4. Trade fund software, such as Sensible

Business Development Specialist Salary

According to online resources, a business development expert earns an average of $ 50,718. The top 90% of the highest income has reached $ 79,000, while up to 10,000 US $ 10,000 is made.

Business Development Expert Q & A

In order to help you understand how to work as a business development expert, we really need interview the Vice President of Strategic and Business Development at Small Insurance Companies. When it entered the field and was successful, it was said that:

What are some basic functions performed by business development experts?

The basic functions for business development experts are to identify, evaluate and design projects that help promote the promotion of new organizations, services and businesses to enhance and maintain an organization.

Increasing, construction and capacity building of an organization is essential for successful successful business strategy. The business development expert tracks income related to individual products and services and for development including marketing. Also sales perspective and Identifies strategy and strategy.

The business development expert

The business development expert has also identified the potential lines of market-based business potential and competitive analysis, and has developed business matters to support a new product, service or business line transfer. Width, business development expert can also join the strategy of integration, acquisition and integration or joint venture of business.

What are some challenges facing this position?

One of the biggest challenges faced by a business development expert is a major change or change in the industry. For example, health care reform is becoming fundamental change in business activities for almost every sector of the health-care industry. Professional development specialist should always be in the promotion of the condition of the industry, including tourists, and determine whether to offer new opportunities to take advantage of the changes in the industry, or to react There are new threats.

Need some position most of this position?

This work is used in most of the skills, data analysis (demographics, financial, competitive, etc.), both of the development strategies, sales and skills of oral and written presentations. Other skills can be the undergraduate team building, legal analysis, marketing and public relations.

What should anyone think before becoming a business developer?

Consider the type of industry and which industries your interest bestows on the basis of regional, national and global trends for business development. Are you comfortable in an extremely competitive position responsible for the growth of an organization? Do you promote your new product’s idea to sell, sell, analyze, market research, financial analysis, and promotion arguments?

What type of person will succeed in this position?

The type of person who has succeeded in the business development position is an incredible star itself, both with excellent analytical skills and is also comfortable with the construction and sale of relationships. Those people who can absorb and use market data to understand their impact on their business, and work in such a job to understand business development opportunities.

In Conclusion of What’s Business Development Expert?

Small Insurance Companies is one of Business Development Expert also provide quality service to worldwide business and companies. You can ask for even more details information know How Companies Grow Profession. Place comments if you still have any question about What’s Business Development Expert? How Companies Grow Profession.

Thanks for reading and visiting What’s Business Development Expert? How Companies Grow Profession article.

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Best Small Business for Insurance Companies

Best Small Business for Insurance Companies in 2018. In this article, we’ll discuss top 10 Best Business Insurance corporations 2018. By J Hayat on Gregorian calendar month nine, 2018. The Insurance small Business Insurance companies.

Best Small Business for Insurance Companies

The best tiny and small business insurance firms provide commonplace policies, like business general liability, and conjointly a broad vary of different insurance varieties that tiny business house owners may have. Before narrowing our list right down to the highest ten, we have a tendency to reviewed dozens of suppliers and evaluated them on key qualities like coverage varieties, service and rating.

The Hartford: Best Overall tiny Business Insurance supplier

The state capital is our greatest overall supplier of tiny business insurance. Their specialists give trade leading client support, extremely rated claims services, and supply broad insurance packages to fulfill your specific coverage needs. merely complete a brief on-line form to receive a quote in minutes.

Top ten small Business Insurance corporations Insurance Company Best For

The Hartford (Best overall) for combination of industry-leading client care, extremely rated claims service and specialized packages.
Next Insurance Affordable, easy-to-understand insurance with free 24/7 access to certificates of insurance.
Insure on Online supplier that provides multiple lines of insurance.
State Farm Large supplier with best localized service.
Nationwide Leading supplier for little business property insurance.
Hiscox Wide vary of specialized coverage by profession, as well as one for home-based businesses.
Farmers Insurance Best for industry-specific coverage.
Liberty Mutual Broad vary of coverage from general liability to worker edges.
Progressive Commercial Best supplier for business machine insurance.
Am Venture Basic little business insurance specializing in workers’ compensation.

Best Small Business for Insurance Companies

How we have a tendency to Evaluated the most effective Business Insurance firms
To evaluate the most effective little business insurance firms, we have a tendency to sought for suppliersthat provide the quality sorts of insurance little business homeowners want, like industrial general liability. we have a tendency to conjointly evaluated for excellent coverage for an affordable premium and access to a various vary of alternative insurance varieties which will be made-to-order in an exceedingly business homeowners policy (BOP).

However, The criteria we have a tendency to accustomed assess the most effective little business

Insurance firms include for small business for insurance companies:
Furthermore, Specialization by business or profession: The insurer has packaged plans, handily classified by business or profession.
Reputation: So, we’ve a tendency to reviewed the A.M. Best rating, once applicable. This rating from the widerevered United States-based rating agency assures that the supplier has robust financial support.
Customer service: Furthermore, we’ve a tendency to studied trends in client ratings and reviews.
Nationwide presence: we have a tendency to solely embody suppliers that serve little business homeowners all across the U.S.


we’ve a tendency to checked out premium rates, structure of evaluation and what customers had to mention regarding affordability.
Based on the higher than criteria, our favored selection because the best little business insurer is that theHartford. All of our high ten finalists share similar qualities, however The Hartford could be a standout for its industry-leading client care and extremely rated claims service.

In conclusion

However, thanks for visiting and Thanks for reading article about Best Small Business for Insurance Companies.

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Donation Appeal for Safia Bano’s Pulamnary Valve Replacement Open Heart Operation

Donation Appeal for Safia Bano’s Pulamnary Valve Replacement Open Heart Operation

Dear all,

السَّلآمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ الله وبَرَكآتُه

My name Javed Hayat. I live in Pakistan. I’m appealing to you to help Safia Bano a 21 years old girl from the Pakistan who urgently needs an operation to Pulamnary Valve Replacement Open Heart Operation. I’m father of Safia Bano, want to save her life. Becuase, Safia Bano’s condition isn’t good now.

Furthermore, Safia Bano was born with a small hole in her heart. Although the hospital said this might resolve itself. Unfortunately, by the time she turned 4 years old, due to the hole had grown and my daughter who had Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) opration in the year 2001. For the reason that when she was 4 years old. Now she’s admitted at Hospital and waiting for opeartion because again she’s heart problems. Accoridng to Cardiac surgeons she need Pulamnary valve replacement which will cost me arround $5,000 to $6,000 including hospital and other all extra charges.

Donation Appeal for Safia Bano’s Pulamnary Valve Replacement Open Heart Operation

At this time I’m again in crises because of my 22 years old daughter heart operation. Furthermore, I request you to pray for my daughter health in your prayer time.

Finally, regarding my daughter Pulamnary valve replacement heart operation I need to complete $6,000 to handle her Pulamnary valve replacement operation. We arranged already $2,000 for her operation but still need $4,000 to complete required money.

However, I request you for any kind of help which you can do at your level to save my 21 years old daughter life. For now I’m waiting for required money to complete her Open Heart Operation all charges. All old and present hospital documents attached for your satisfaction.

Cardiac Surgeon Report is here

Here is latest report of Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac Surgeon Latest Suggestion report

Cardiac Surgeon Latest Suggestion report

Note: I got Pulmonary valve replacement heart operation Rates from Three Different Heart Hospitals. We’ve option for operation from different hospitals where hospital charges will matter. I took rate from three different hospitals. Itefaq Hospital Trust Lahore, Pakistan, Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore, Pakistan and Army Cardac Center Lahore, Pakistan.

Itefaq Hospital Trust Lahore Rate

The Itefaq Hospital Trust Lahore, Pakistan will take Pak Rupees 525000/ for Pulmonary valve replacement operation.

Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore Rate

The Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore, Pakistan will take Pak Rupees 520000/ for Pulmonary valve replacement operation.

Army Cardiac Center Lahore Rate

After approached to Army Cardiac Center Lahore, Pakistan. I got rate from Army Cardiac Center Lahore which will take Pak Rupees 483875/ for Pulmonary valve replacement operation. Which you can see in attachments.


However, I request to share it with your friends and relative if they can do any donation. Thanks for your help, We wish you help us and take prayers of needy people.

Note: Through Western Union or Moneygram

Name: Javed Hayat

Country: Pakistan

WhatsApp: +923474231250

Phone Call: +923445094795

For Bank Transfer Name and Account

Account Holder Name: Javed Hayat

US Dollars Bank Account #: 00111300011799

IBAN #: PK19ASCM0000111300011799

Bank Swift Code: ASCMPKKA

Name of Bank: Askari Bank Limited

Bank Branch: Tufail Road, Lahore

Address: 12-Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt. Pakistan

Pak Rupees Bank Account

Account Holder Name: Javed Hayat

Pak Rupees Account #: 0011-1000162403

IBAN #: PK13ASCM0000111000162403

The Bank Swift Code: ASCMPKKA

Name of Bank: Askari Bank Limited

Bank Branch: Tufail Road, Lahore

Address: 12-Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt. Pakistan

NOTE: Sending Money Through Skrill or Payoneer

Email Adress:

Best Regards

Javed Hayat

For Contact

Skype ID: bahejan

Email address:

WhatsApp: +923474231250

Phone Call: +923445094795

Furthermore, Thanks above all for visiting Donation Appeal for Safia Bano’s Pulmonary Valve Replacement Open Heart Operation. Kindly share Donation Appeal for Safia Bano’s Pulmonary Valve Replacement Open Heart Operation to your friends. Because, May be someone help in my Donation Appeal for Safia Bano’s Pulmonary Valve Replacement Open Heart Operation. Also, We’ll also pray for your good health.

Finally Note:

However, Its up to you now that how much you can donate. So the Donation Appeal for Safia Bano’s Pulmonary Valve Replacement Open Heart Operation is to complete required money. Due to her heart problems we need her PVR Operation in few days. We’ll also pray for you and your family good health. Furthermore, we’ll need medicine for her after PVR operation. For the reason that we need your help. So we can save her.

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Golden Baba’ Seeks Security for His Gold Asking Protection from Agra SSP

Indian Golden Baba‘ Seeks security for his Gold Asking for protection from Agra SSP. According to ANI At Agra, seen on May 29, a gold dressed ascetic? Meet to the Golden Baba, the infamously famous austere head of Juna Akhara. A Baba Golden puri who’s recently sought security from Agra SSP (Superintendent of Police) travel from Ujjain Mahakumbh to Haridwar.

golden baba

golden baba seeks security

The Indian Golden Baba’ Seeks security for his Gold Asking for protection from Agra SSP

Gold Baba also traveling with all his followers to Barely through Agra with golden gears of about 20 kg. Furthermore, he’s also carrying golden statues of gods as well as other ornaments.

The Gold Baba said that he’s wearing golden coins and Golden Chanes  since 1972 and these ornaments give him satisfaction to worship god. Meanwhile police officers said that Golde Baba will be provid with security protection under the Agra SSP region.

Golden Baba’ Seeks Security for His Gold

Golden Baba who’s recently sought security from Agra SSP (Superintendent of Police) traveling from Ujjain Mahakumbh to Haridwar along with his folwers.

Agra. On the body of 20 kgs of gold, Baba, as soon as he reached Tamajan, he got huge crowd of self-helpers. After that he immediately reached the Agra SSP office, where he demanded to provide security to the from Agra SSP zone. Therefore, After getting police protection, Baba Golden Puri left for Haridwar with a convoy of 53 luxary Cars and luxary vehicles. He wearing Gold for 44 years.

Golden Baba Wearing Gold Since 1972

Baba Golddenpuri of Haridwar Juna Akhara told that Goldeb Baba wearing gold since 1972. These gold ornaments are their goddesses and they feel comfortable wearing all of them. He told that Gold Baba wearing about twenty kgs of gold on his body daily. The Baba going to Bareilly via Agra area that why he dmanded security from Agra SSP for his Gold. Furthermore, Indian Gaelden Baba told that he’s going Bareilly towards via Agra area with big convoy along with Luxry Cars and folweers from Ujjain Mahakumbh.

Gaelden Baba Luxry Cars and His Folweers

In the Golden Baba convoy there’re golden idols of gold, crown, gold throne and ornament. He told that whole thing that’s to be store in the Juna Akhara. Due to security sought for fear of unauthorized.

Golden Baba asked to SSP Preetinder Singh

Golden Baba asked to Agra SSP Preetinder Singh to provide security guards for Bareilly. So that there’d be no any acident during his visit. Agra SSP agreed and said that keeping in mind the demand of Gold Baba, security being given in Agra SSP zone area. Also, SSP of districts falling to Haridwar also been inform about the convoy of Golden Baba Puri. There’ll be security throughout the road for Baba.

Agitated crowd for Golden Baba in the Collect orate campus

Golden Baba with convay

Indian Golden Baba with convey security from agra ssp

However, Baba Golden Puri came out  to see them all crowd. Because there’s a crowd in the entire collect orate campus for Gold Baba Puri. Finally, after getting Agra police protection, Baba Golden Puri left for Haridwar with a convoy of 53 Luxry Cars and vehicles.

In Conclusion of Protection baba golden puri

However, golden baba seeks security, Indian Golden Baba asked for security from Agra SSP, But it’ll good if Golden Baba apple for Insurance policy. Because Insurance policy is the best option to get safty for property and also life too. Golden Baba is one of the milliard in India. He Must apply for Life Insurance policy along with property Insurance too. So he get complete protection for his life and for his all property. Thanks for reading about Golde Baba. Place comments bellow if you’ve any questions about him. We’ll get back to you shortly along with more information about Baba Puri. Finally. Life isn’t secured that why need protection baba golden puri

Small Insurance Companies also provide quality information to all our readers. Furthermore, You can get more information about all insurance products and safety on the web. We published many articles on it for our readers. Thanks for reading on Small Insurance Companies.


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The best stock tips provider today in the India Country

The best stock tips provider today in the India Country. Best stock tips provider in India. The wealth it global is one of the leading advisory company. However, The Commodity Market one of the best investment platform. Where everyone starts trading with less investment and make ofe more profit with commodity tips and calls. Our Research team daily analysis of the share market. And then provide valuable tips to our client. Furthermore, we provide accurate and quality commodity calls on the intraday basis that can help our client to increase their investments. So, We provide MCX/commodity Tips to our all clients with more than 90-95% accuracy. We provide free commodity tips for trial. Wealth It Global is the best MCX tips provider in India. In commodity pack we provide all tips related to silver, gold, crude oil, zinc, copper and many much more.

Best stock tips provider in India

Intraday Trading is a Daily Basis Trading, You can buy and sell the share in the same day. The Intraday trading is also known as Day trading. If you really want to invest in intraday trading then you must try our free trial tips and check your profit. We’re the best intraday tip ofs provider in India because we’re trust able SEBI registered advisory firm where we work for our precious clients. We work on the platform and use advanced tools to send instant calls without any delay through Bulk SMS, Emails, calls, etc. In intraday trading. You can easily earn much more profit in short time period.

best stock tips provider in India

Wealth It Global is the one of best stock tips provider in India . Also, we  provide nifty option tips. Our tips expert daily analysis of the nifty market and options market and then offer valuable tips for the trader who wants to trade in share market. So, Our all tips help our all trader who want maximum profit with less investment. We’re SEBI registered. And best stock market advisory companies in Indore.

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Best Auto Insurance Companies list for choosing cheap auto insurance

Best Auto Insurance Companies List for Choosing Cheap Auto Insurance Policy. When it comes to auto insurance in India, there are many good insurance options to choose from. In fact nowadays with so many insurance policy providers offering so many good auto insurance policies. But it’s not easy to choose the perfect auto car insurance plan. It’s very important for you to research and select a cheap auto insurance company. Also, a suitable plan from a reputed insurer. There’re many auto insurance plans from different auto insurance companies. Auto Car Insurance from cheap insurance companies will best for you. In this article, we’ll discuss Best Auto Insurance Companies List for Choosing Cheap Auto Insurance Policy.

Best Auto Insurance Companies List

However, according to my own experience, there are many Best Auto Insurance Companies. We can choose Cheap Auto Insurance Policy from the Best Auto Insurance Companies List. Here is a list of the Best Auto Insurance Companies. You can select any insurance company from the selected Best Auto Insurance Companies List for Choosing Cheap Auto Insurance. Bellow is top 10 Best auto Insurance Companies List. We also considered when ranking these insurance companies are very much high.

  1. Geico Insurance Company

    Another, best insurance company. Their insurance customer service is best. Their large Insurance customer base makes it possible for them to charge low insurance premiums.

  2. Allstate Insurance Company

    Allstate insurance company listed in top 10. Their slogan says, “you’re in good hands. That’s honest truth.  Allstate’s customers love them. So there’s a pretty good chance for you to select Allstate insurance company.  Allstate is the one who offers first-time accident forgiveness. They continue to add new features also change the way.

  3. State Farm Insurance Company

    Another insurance company is State Farm. This is another auto insurance provider. They’re largest insurance provider in North America. Insurance Claims agents are also friendly. They provide you with auto insurance coverage in low cost.

  4. Esurance Insurance Company

    Probably, like as others. Esurance insurance company is best for everyone. Esurance insurance company offers more than a hot cartoon girl though. They provide 24/7  support with friendly agents.

  5. Arbella Insurance Company

    Arbella insurance company doesn’t spend on Superbowl ads. They do not spend on flashy commercials ads. Arbella insurance company let their work speak for itself.

  6. American Family Auto Insurance

    So, American family smaller than the other insurance companies. The American Family auto insurance aims to get high reviews from all major publications.  However, they’re only available in 19 US States. They provide the best service to all insurance clients.

  7. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

    Another, auto insurance company in top 10 lists. Liberty Mutual Insurance company prides itself on reputation. They’ve competitively priced. they’re reliable and no wait times when it comes to insurance claims.

  8. Progressive Insurance Company

    So, Progressive is another auto insurance company you might recognize from TV ads.  You can start with Progressive insurance company very simple. Dealing with them is incredibly stress free. Also, you’ll never have any type of problems with the insurance claims.

  9. AAA Insurance Company

    Another, top 10 listed insurance company is Triple A. AAA is more than just roadside assistance for Auto owners. AAA Insurance company is best for travel accommodations.  the Auto Insurance from AAA is also top notch. So, If you get into any roadside accident, they’ll also come to support you on the road.

  10. Farmers Insurance Company

    In addition, You’ve seen Framers Insurance Company. Hope you’ve seen on TV. They’re known for their best auto insurance service and home insurance policy coverage options. They’ve many auto insurance options for clients

Thanks for visiting Best Auto Insurance Companies List for Choosing Cheap Auto Insurance Policy. We’ve many more articles about Best Auto Insurance Companies List. Also for cheap insurance companies. and best auto insurance companies rate too.

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Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on insurance claims?

Partial losses insurance claims and Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on insurance claims? In this article, we’ll know about Insurance claims handled and Insurance claims any partial losses for insurance claims? Read below-detailed answer of Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on insurance claims?

Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on Insurance claims?

There are two ways that we’ll apply for partial losses insurance claims. Which will value in partial losses insurance claims.

  • Actual Cash Value in partial losses insurance claims
  • Replacement Cost in partial losses insurance claims


If the partial losses valued at Replacement Cost. Then you get new for old. Like kind of quality and also today’s value of dollars. That’s Pretty simple.

However, if your partial losses are valued at Actual Cash Value there’s going to be depreciation taken out among other things.

Welcome to Small Insurance Companies Solution Center

There’re hundred offers insurance policy service providers knowledge base videos. Some insurance articles also but here at Small Insurance Companies. Also, we provide quality free insurance information. You can get easy knowledge of all insurance products with our articles insurance. Also for insurance consumers, we provide quick, valuable Insurance Questions and answers to their insurance questions. We mentioned answers to all common insurance questions.
So. if you still have insurance questions for whether or not insurance comp and collision. If benefits to you’re proper for your any insurance policy. Therefore if you’d like to discuss on any insurance product. And you want to receive a quote for your auto insurance than contact us. However, if you prefer to call our WhatsApp number is – (+92) 347-4231250

You can also connect with The Small Insurance Companies Facebook Page.

But If you’ll not quite ready to contact small insurance companies about your insurance policy. For knowledge, you still can enjoy and/or found the insurance information in this insurance post. Hope you’ll get useful information at Small insurance Companies website for free. Also, we’ll much appreciate you posting and sharing a review on Google or Facebook.


This Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on insurance claims? The article Does my Auto car insurance policy cover me when I rent a car from anywhere? Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on insurance claims? This article is for informational purposes only. There’s no any legal advice being suggested for the insurance policy. Also for proffered and the Small Insurance Companies assumes no responsibility or insurance liability for the actions taken. Also if not taken by the readers based on such information.

Thanks for also coming to my In Case If my Garage at Home Burns Down. Does my Auto car insurance policy cover me when I rent a car somewhere?  Will my Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover my Car? article on Small insurance Companies.


Thanks for visiting Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on insurance claims?

In conclusion

In conclusion, Thanks for visiting Insurance Questions. We offer free Insurance Frequently Asked Questions article. We’re glad if you’ll get an answer to your insurance related question in 100 Insurance Questions Insurance Frequently Asked Questions. Join here Small Insurance Companies for having proper answers to any insurance questions or on any insurance product.

Submit Insurance Article

Submit Insurance Article


Partial losses insurance claims and Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on insurance claims? In this article, we’ll know about Insurance claims handled and Insurance claims any partial losses for insurance claims? Read below-detailed answer of Insurance claims handled on me any partial losses on insurance claims?

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Obamacare Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal News Update for Dec. 8, 2016

The Obamacare Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal News Update for Dec. 8, 2016. The Obamacare Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal News Update for Dec. 9, 2016. In this article, we’ll know Obamacare Supporters and all about Obamacare programs and updates. Read here about Obama care Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal News Update for Dec. 8, 2016

Obamacare Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal

  • A coalition that supports Obamacare plans to stop Congress from doing a repeal without a simultaneous replacement. The coalition stated repeal and delay are no better than repeal. US families deserve to know what’ll happen to them before Congress acts.
  • Organizers of the coalition say their protest could include rallies in Washington D.C as well as the states. And districts that Republicans in Congress represent. The group also plans on mobilizing constituents. Also, including Trump voters who would be negatively affected by repeal.

Doctors Form Organization to Fight Trumpcare

Clinician Action Network a group composed of healthcare providers plans to take an active role in opposing the legislation. That supports Trump’s healthcare reform as well as reform proposals from Tom Price. Trump nominated for secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. A spokesperson for CAN said that We’re going to be very responsive to legislation. That’s being introduce and voted on in US Congress. Also both at the state level and the national level. You can get more backstory on the CAN in this Huffington Post article.

Current HHS Secretary Warns About Dangers of Repeal

HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell met with Democrats in Congress to issue a warning about dangers of the Republicans. For repeal-and-delay strategy. Burwell stated would be market chaos if Obamacare repealed. But a replacement for it’s delay. Which is in agreement with healthcare industry experts’ concern that insurance companies will drop out of the market.

Obama care Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal News Update for Dec. 8, 2016

The Uninsured Rate Could Be Higher if Obamacare Is Repealed

According to a study from the Urban Institute, if Obamacare is repealed the uninsured rate could be higher than what it was pre-Obamacare. Below are some highlights from the study.

  • 8 million Americans would become uninsured, which would push the uninsured rate to 58.7 million in 2019.
  • Of the 29.8 million who would become uninsured, 5 million of those people would lose coverage because of eliminating premium tax credits, Medicaid expansion, and the individual mandate. The remaining 7.3 million would lose insurance due to the collapse of the non-group insurance market.
  • 82 percent of the newly uninsured would be working families.
  • 9 million fewer people would have Medicaid or CHIP coverage in 2019.
  • Nearly 9.3 million people who would have received tax credits for individual health insurance in 2019 would stop receiving assistance.

Obama care Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal News Update for Dec. 7, 2016

Many Trump Supporters at Risk of Becoming Uninsured

Non-Hispanic whites and those without college degrees are among President-elect Donald Trump’s biggest supporters who benefited the most from Obamacare. So these 2 groups are included in those most at risk of becoming uninsured if Obamacare is repealed. If a repeal happens:

  • The uninsured rate would jump to 58.7 million in 2019
  • 80 percent of those without college degrees would become uninsured
  • 56 percent of non-Hispanic whites would lose health insurance
  • 24 percent of those with some college-level education would lose coverage
  • 3 in 10 high school graduates would become uninsured

Far-Right Republicans Want Obamacare Replaced Much Sooner

Trump and Republican leaders may face strong resistance from ultra-conservative House Republicans because of the delayed 3-year plan to replace Obamacare. Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC). Who’s elected to be the next chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. Reported that the GOP’s new outlook on Obamacare is “the first big fight I see coming for the Freedom Caucus.” He also stated that any delays in replacing Obamacare until after the 2018 elections.

When some Republicans hope to win seats in the Senate. Will meet with the major resistance from the Freedom Caucus members. Also read more on why the caucus challenging Trump for a quicker Obamacare replacement.

Health Insurers Issue Demands Over Obamacare Repeal

  • Health insurance trade groups have publicly demand. They need from the Trump administration to remain in the state marketplaces if a repeal happens. Their demands for Trump and Congress include.
    • A clear commitment of government will continue subsidizing health insurance for low-income people.
    • Also, Keep rules which encourage young and healthy Americans to enroll in health insurance.
    • CNN Money also reported more demands from insurance companies. Which also include.
    • Making it harder for people to enroll in coverage outside of open enrollment periods. Also to prevent people from only signing up for insurance when they get sick.
    • Expanding risk payments to help offset the cost of care for sick enrolls.
    • Preventing healthcare providers from steering patients to the individual insurance market. When they could qualify for Medicaid.
    • Structuring high-risk pools differently from what was in place before Obamacare.
    • High-risk pools for those with preexisting conditions. Who let their coverage lapse prior to Obamacare lacked proper funding. Also, who’ll in waiting lists.

Hospitals Warn Trump and Congress About Repealing Obamacare

The hospital industry issued a warning to Trump and leaders in Congress. That repealing Obamacare could cost hospitals to lose $165 billion. Also by the middle of the next decade. And trigger ‘an unprecedented public health crisis. So, if Trump administration and Congress repeal Obamacare without a simultaneous replacement. Hospital industry says that government payments to hospital groups. That also treat Medicare and Medicaid patients. It should restore to what they were before the 2010 Affordable Care Act law.

Thanks for visiting The Obama care Supporter Group also Wants to Block Repeal News Update for the Dec. 8, 2016. We mentioned Obamacare Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal on website. We’ve more articles about Obamacare and Obamacare Supporter Group updates too. You can visit more articles here on the website. Also, we’ve answers of 100 plus insurance questions on website. Small Insurance Companies also provide free insurance information to clients.

Place comments bellow on Obama care Supporter Group Wants to Block Repeal News Update for Dec. 8, 2016 if any insurance questions.

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Nancy Pelosi Urges Democrats to Fight for Obamacare

Nancy Pelosi Urges Democrats to Fight for Obamacare. News Update for Dec. 22, 2016 about Nancy Pelosi Urges Democrats to Fight for Obamacare. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wrote a letter to Democrats saying, “In January, we’ll face a new Congress and a new Administration. House Democrats stand ready to fight vigorously for US’s hard-working families.” Pelosi called on Democrats to “plan press events to ‘highlight the risks’ of repealing the ACA and ending the Medicare guarantee.  However, This article from The Hill talks more about how Pelosi planning to fight to protect the Obamacare.

Democratic Governors Warn Republicans About Obamacare Repeal

Members of the Democratic Governors Association wrote a letter to top Republican leaders in which they said. “estimated that states could face nearly $69 billion in costs for uncompensated care over the next 10 years if the health law is repealed.” Democrats who signed the letter called the Republicans’ repeal and delayed replacement plan “nothing more than a Washington, D.C. bait-and-switch.”

GOP Congressman Says Americans Need to Manage Their Own Healthcare Costs After Repeal

  • Congressman Bill Huizenga (R-MI) told reporters that changes in the way healthcare is delivered will be a sure thing after Obamacare is repeale. Americans will need to become more responsible for their treatment costs. In his interview, Huizenga gave an example of when his son injured his arm. And he took his son to the doctor the next day because an immediate emergency room visit would’ve more costly. As reported in this Huffington Post article, “The Michigan congressman’s comments are in line with a long-held, free-market view of the health care system.”
  • Huizenga reported that delaying treatment for his son’s broken arm is “an example of the kind of choices. US citizen would face if Republicans’ repeal of the health care law shifts more out-of-pocket costs to consumers”. (Although, he later said in another interview. “that using the experience of own son’s broken arm was a very bad example to cite.” When asked about health savings accounts. He said there, We’re like as users and consumers of this need to get better acquainted with what’re the true costs. HSAs can do that.”

News Update for Dec. 21, 2016

Obamacare Recipients File Motion to Protect Cost-Sharing Payments

In regard to the lawsuit Republicans filed against the Obama administration for using federal dollars to pay for cost-sharing subsidies. A group of Obamacare recipients filed a motion to enter the case with the hope of protecting cost-sharing payments from being defended. “However the consumers argue that should be allow to become parties to the case. Because once President-elect Donald Trump enters office, the interests of Obamacare defenders will no longer be represent.” They also warned that their health coverage would be in jeopardy. Because insurance companies would pull out of the market if these payments cancelled.

White House Encourages Researchers to Protect Obamacare Data from Trump

Independent researchers who began taking measures to “download key health care data and documents before Jan. 20” say they were further motivated to so by top White House health reform official Jeanne Lambrew who also sounded alarms [that] the new administration might expunge reams of information from some public websites and end access to data. The Researchers aim should to quickly collect data released by new offices that created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) “to regulate health insurance and test reforms.” They argue that collecting ACA data is essential because it may be needed to support the Democratic Party’s case for keeping major parts of the ACA intact.

Democrats Urge Trump to Work With Them on Drug Price Reform

  • A group of 19 Democratic senators wrote a letter on December 20 in which they urged Trump to cooperate with them on the issue of rising prescription drug costs. The letter noted 5 areas that Trump should help with. Allowing the Medicare program to negotiate prescription prices. Increasing transparency, passing reform on incentives for innovation and topping abusive pricing. And supporting generic competition for branded drugs.”
  • Democrats want Trump to work with them on legislation that would “lift the ban on the HHS secretary negotiating drug prices for Medicare Part D beneficiaries. Also combat overnight price hikes or regular, unjustified price increases.”

News Update for Dec. 20, 2016

Trump’s Pick for Budget Director Could Shape ACA Repeal

President-elect Donald Trump has named conservative Republican, Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), as his pick for Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Mulvaney is a strong opponent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Planned Parenthood, and he was among leaders. Who held a “standoff over the ACA. That led to the US government shutdown back in 2013. The Trump administration’s repeal of the ACA could be shaped by Mulvaney’s views. Which include having less involvement from the federal government in healthcare, a premium-support system for Medicare, and Medicaid block grants for states. You can get more info on Mulvaney’s views here.

Connecticut Hospitals and Clinics Fear Medicaid Cuts Under Trump

The Republicans’ proposed scaling back of Medicaid expansion is a major concern for Connecticut’s hospitals and clinics. The Chief Medical Officer of the Hartford Healthcare system, Dr. Rocco Orlando, stated that cuts to Medicaid would result in revenue loss of “tens of millions of dollars” and would lead to “staff reductions and scaling back of services.” Orlando also stated that “Connecticut hospitals’ fiscal stability. And sustainability, as well as patient access to healthcare will be compromised. If the ACA is repealed and Medicaid cuts remain in effect. For clinics, the Republicans’ block grant proposal would reduce or freeze. However,Federal Medicaid spending for the Connecticut’s clinics. That serve low-income residents.

Counties That Support Trump May Be Impacted the Most by a Repeal

A study conducted by Gallup revealed that of the 8 county types that experienced an increase in health insurance coverage above the national average, “six of those types. The representing about 77 million people or 33 million votes, a quarter of the total cast—sided with Mr. Donald Trump, some by very large margins.  Some of the county types where Trump voters reside are in large parts of Florida state. Also in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin state too. And those counties are considered “rural Graying America, Rural Middle America and Working Class Country counties.” These areas were among regions that the ACA targeted to expand coverage, and thus would be greatly impacted by a repeal. This Wall Street Journal article talks more about this subject.

News Update for Dec. 19, 2016

How a Repeal Could Affect Job-Based Coverage

The ACA removed the coverage limit on how much an insurance plan will pay for medical services over a person’s lifetime. Which has been instrumental for people diagnosed with serious medical conditions. But a repeal could bring this back, which would affect both individual and employer-sponsored health insurance. Some experts don’t think a ban on coverage limits will remain if the ACA is repealed and that this issue may be left up to the states to decide. Experts also predict that the mandate. which requires companies with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees to offer health coverage, may be repealed. Because it’s led to such problems as “companies limiting their full-time hiring.” However, it’s expected that “many firms will ‘continue offering coverage to their employees because employees insist on it,’” said University of Michigan law professor Nicholas Bagley.

New Rules for Obamacare Marketplaces

On December 16, the Obama administration issued a new regulation for the 2018 insurance marketplace. The regulation “seeks to address some insurer complaints with how the marketplaces operate.” Some of these complaints have led to insurers leaving the marketplaces. The regulation has also implemented a new formula that changes the way payments to insurers are calculated. This was done to help protect insurers from the financial loss of insuring high-cost enrollees. But “insurers have complained that it doesn’t work effectively.” Given that the GOP plans to delay an Obamacare replacement, it’s expected that the marketplaces will “remain in operation in some form for a couple of years.”

Obamacare Enrollment Hits Record High

In the wake of the Trump-GOP plan to repeal the healthcare law. More than 670,000 Americans signed up for Obamacare on December 15 the “busiest single enrollment day since the healthcare law’s coverage expansion began three years ago in USA. This enrollment came from the 48 states that participate in the marketplaces and includes new and returning Obamacare sign-ups—many of which are low-income Americans who receive premium subsidies.

A Repeal Could Push Residents Back to Free Clinics in Iowa

In Iowa, an increasing number of low-income and homeless patients are receiving care from the Eastern Iowa Health Center (EIHC) instead of the area’s free clinic. Joe Lock, CEO of the EIHC, argues that those patients could be push back to the free clinic or to hospital emergency rooms.  If they become uninsured due to Obamacare repeal. Darlene Schmidt, who’s the chief executive of the free clinic, said, “We’ll have to come up with resources. Right now we don’t have the dollars or the volunteers to provide [that level] of care.” If a repeal happens, about 230,000 Iowa residents who have coverage through Obamacare and Medicaid would be affected.

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Republicans Divided Over Obamacare Repeal-and-Replace

Republicans Divided Over Obamacare Repeal and-Replace News Update for January 5, 2017. The Obama healthcare Republicans Divided Over Obamacare Repeal-and-Replace

The meeting between Vice President

The meeting between Vice President-elect Mike Pence. And Senate GOP members was meant to bring unity on the proposal to get rid of Obamacare. However, many senators expressed disagreement on repealing and replacing. Obamacare because doing so could crush the budget. Some of the rising members of the party argued that dismantling the healthcare law.

That’s provided coverage to millions of Americans is a more difficult undertaking than simply campaigning against it. Senator John Thune (R-SD) in commenting on the chaos within the caucus said. “Most of the issues are with respect to replace. I don’t think repeal is that complicate. We’ve done that once.

But yes there’re budgetary considerations.

When it comes time to replace. It’s complicated also when we’ve got a lot of moving parts. Because due to different opinions among members of the House and Senate. The party hasn’t reached a consensus on how long the Obama healthcare law will remain in effect. And how to replace that on it.

The disagreement

The disagreement within the party is also due to the lack of details from Trump and Pence. According to Pence, Trump will use executive orders to “ensure that there’s an orderly transition during the period after we repeal Obamacare to a market-based healthcare economy in US. But the Senator (R-WV) Shelley Moore Capito said, that We’re exactly not sure what direction we’re going to go to have a full and careful transition period.” Another member of the party, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), has made public criticisms about repealing Obamacare. On Wednesday, Paul sided with Democrats to vote against a motion to debate resolutions for a repeal.

Battle Over Obamacare Leads to a War of Words

Trump issued a warning to Republicans in Congress that rushing to repeal the health law could spark backlash. That they’d fare better by allowing Democrats to own what he described as “the failed Obamacare disaster. This morning, Trump said of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). that he’s the “head clown” of the Democrats, and that he and his party “know how bad Obamacare is and what a mess they’re in.” Trump posted on Twitter in several tweets, “Instead of working to fix it, they do the typical political thing and BLAME. The fact is Obama HealthCare was a lie from the very beginning. ‘Keep you [sic] doctor, keep your plan!

It’s time for the Republicans and for the Democrats to get together. And come up with a Obama healthcare plan that really works for citizens much less expensive & FAR BETTER.

Schumer counteracted

Schumer counteracted by proposing an investigation of Tom Price. Whom Trump selected for Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, because of stocks he’s with health insurance companies. This Reuters article writes that Price, an orthopedic surgeon. “bought and sold more than $300,000 in stock in about 40 healthcare, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies over the past four years while sponsoring. Also, advocating legislation that could influence those companies’ shares.”

The President Obama delivered a mandate to Democrats on Wednesday ‘Don’t rescue’ Republicans on Obama Healthcare.” This mandate issued at a meeting Obama had with Democrats at Capitol Hill, the same day Vice President-elect Pence visited the hill. Price said to reporters, “The reality is that I was here in March of 2010 in another capacity when Obamacare signed into law. I remember all those promises.  However we’re told that if you like your doctor then you can keep it. Which’s Not true. Furthermore, You can visit for read more about this story here on CNN News.

Democrats Warn the GOP About the ‘Pottery Barn Rule’

According to this Washington Post article, the “Pottery Barn rule” is: “You break it, you own it.” And Democrats saying that’s exactly what Republicans will be face with. Schumer said at a news conference, “They’re going to own it and all the problems in the health-care system.” Schumer argued that Republican alternatives to health care will be practically impossible to implement. Because their plans require a major source of funding that would likely require approval votes from Democrats. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), who’s the 2nd ranking leader of the GOP, in response to Schumer’s comments, said, “I understand his political argument. He’s praying and hoping for failure which means he’s praying and hoping for more pain on the part of the United State of American people.

I’d hope that they get past that and would agree to work with us. So, a sustainable replacement of long-term for Obamacare going to need to be done on a bipartisan, consensus-building basis.”

News Update for January 4, 2017

Republicans Introduced a Budget Resolution to Repeal Obamacare

Congress convened yesterday and their first order of business to dismantle Obamacare was to introduce a budget resolution, which was done by Senate Budget resolution Committee Chair Michael Enzi (R-WY). “Republicans aren’t actually going to repeal all of Obamacare. But they’re going to repeal enough of it to reverse almost all of the coverage gains made under it,” states this Vox article. The article also mentions that the budget resolution repeal bill can’t be filibuster. So Democrats won’t be able to stop the Republicans’ plan “unless three or more Republican senators defect (or 24 House members do). [If this doesn’t happen], it’ll smooth sailing for the repeal effort from there on out.

The budget resolution

The budget resolution can only repeal parts of Obamacare. Which include tax credits that help make buying health insurance more affordable, the individual mandate to buy health insurance, and the employer mandate to offer health coverage or pay penalties. But the resolution isn’t expected to include measures that would replace the Obama healthcare law with a new insurance Policy program for budget resolution.”

After introducing the budget resolution

After introducing the budget resolution. Enzi posted a press release on his website that says. “Today, we take the first steps to repair the nation’s broken health care system, removing Washington from the equation and putting control back where that belongs with patients. Their families, and their doctors.” If the resolution approved, the committees involved in deciding. Which parts of Obamacare to repeal and when repeal changes would go into effect have until January 27 to do so.

Approval of the resolution requires 60 votes in the Senate of which 52 are Republicans. “That means they Republicans won’t be able to pass a full repeal of the law on their own. It’s unlikely eight Democrats would join to overturn President Barack Obama’s signature legislation.”

Repealing Obamacare Could Prove Difficult

Republicans’ repeal efforts may be halted if they don’t get the majority votes they need from the 40-member Freedom Caucus. Leader of the caucus, Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, commented on Tuesday, “It would’ve to be an unbelievable, compelling case to suggest we need more than two years to repeal and replace the Affordable Obama HealthCare Act.” He also said, “If we’re going to repeal it then we need to repeal the taxes.” One health policy expert said, “Repealing all of the taxes will be politically difficult and structurally problematic.”

Obama and Pence Hold Dueling Meetings at Capitol Hill

President Obama met with Democrats today, and he commented, “Keep up the fight. Tell all stories about the people who’ve benefited from that. The more you get message through, will better off we’re going to be.” After Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s meeting with House Republicans, he told reporters that the goal is to get repeal legislation for Trump to sign by coming February 20. However. The Pence commented also and Trump’s team already working with GOP congressional leaders on this plans. Also to undo Obama’s law with both legislation and executive action the president and federal agencies For  furthermore details would be able to take.” This ABC News article provides more details.

Following Pence’s meeting, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) told reporters, “We’ve plenty of ideas to replace it [Obamacare].” However, Ryan didn’t provide any details about the ideas; he just said that ideas can be expect in the “weeks and months ahead.”

Democrats Prepared to Fight for Obamacare

Democrats are ready to fight to keep Obama’s signature health law intact. Two of the most outspoken advocates of Obamacare are Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The Schumer told to the press that, “They’ve no idea what to put in place of the Affordable HealthCare Act. Republicans will soon learn more that you can’t keep the good parts of the ACA. And remove the rest of law and still have it work for people.” Pelosi commented. They don’t have the votes for a replacement plan because The Repeal and then delay is an act of cowardice.

Under the slogan

Under the slogan, “Make America Sick Again.” Democrats launching a counter-attack against the Republicans’ repeal bill by having rallies and using the stories of Americans in red states who’ve benefited from Obamacare. Democrats urging followers to bombard lawmakers’ district offices and also telephone lines with calls against repeal. They’re targeting moderate Republicans in Alaska State. Also in  Arizona State, Maine State, Nevada State and Tennessee State who’re up for reelection in 2018. Who could be influential in the repeal vote—with a seven-figure print ad campaign and TV.” The main point of their message is to convey that repeal of the health law without a replacement is reckless.

Trump Advisor Says No One Will Lose Coverage After Obamacare Repeal

Senior advisor to Trump, Kellyanne Conway. Stated in an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe that people who currently have health insurance won’t lose their coverage when Obamacare repealed and replaced. Conway said, “We don’t want anyone who currently has insurance to not have insurance.” She also commented, “There’s no question that there will be different health insurance coverage in this country under President Trump. Some experts, say it could take years to complete the all process. It’s lousy healthcare.” In an NBC Today interview coming this morning.”

News Update for January 3, 2017

Trump Says ‘Obamacare Just Doesn’t Work’

President-elect Donald Trump wrote on Twitter this morning that, “People must remember that Obamacare just doesn’t work, and it’s not affordable—116 increases (Arizona). Bill Clinton He also made a follow-up tweet saying,  called it ‘CRAZY.  He also made a follow-up tweet saying, “The Democrat Governor of Minnesota said, ‘The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is no longer affordable!’And, it’s lousy healthcare. In an NBC interview . Today this morning, incoming counselor to Trump, reported Kellyanne Conway that he “committed to retaining those pieces [of the Affordable Care Act] his advisers say working.”

Pence Plans to Rally With House Republicans on Obamacare Repeal

Vice President-elect Mike Pence plans to meet with House Republicans this Wednesday to discuss repealing Obamacare. This Politico article calls the meeting “a counter-punch to President Barack Obama’s visit to the Hill the same day.”

Republican-Led Congress Convenes Today and They Plan to Quickly Tackle ACA Repeal

  • The Republican Party now has control of Congress, which convened at noon today. The first thing on the Republicans’ agenda to proceed with their repeal-and-delay strategy for Obamacare. Which involves getting rid of major overhauls and putting off some of their proposed changes for up to 4 years.
  • “They plan to pass a truncated their budget resolution for the remainder of the fiscal year. Already a quarter over that includes special ensuring instructions. That the final repeal legislation could circumvent any Democratic filibuster, But Republicans may face some challenges. Because some divided on how to tackle the ACA.  Rewrite the tax code while others are hesitant about issues like making major changes to Medicare.

Republicans’ Lawsuit Against Obamacare Subsides May Be in Jeopardy Under Trump

The House Republicans’ lawsuit against the Obama administration concerning health insurance subsidies faces uncertain outcomes under the Trump administration. But because the case suspended. House lawmakers report that this will “provide the president-elect. And his future administration time to consider whether to continue prosecuting. or to otherwise resolve this appeal.

President Obama Will Meet With Democrats to Save Obamacare

  • Obama will visit Wednesday with House and Senate Democrats, the day after the 115th Congress convenes. and Republicans, who have the majority in both chambers, expected to start repealing. Replacing Obamacare.”
  • Obama’s meeting with Democratic leaders is to discuss how they can protect the ACA from being dismantle by the Republicans. While some Democrats aren’t in agreement with how to keep the ACA. The others willing to help Republicans with a replacement plan, “almost all united against attempts to repeal it.”

Democrats Sent Letter to Trump to Veto Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid Funding

In regard to Trump’s campaign promise not to cut funding for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. “Senate and House Democrats, led by Bernie Sanders, calling on the president-elect to veto any legislation that would slash funds for Medicare and Medicaid.” This call-to-action was sent in a letter to Trump that states, “Sunday, Jan. 15, will be a ‘day of action.’ Rallies will be held around the country to vigorously oppose the Republican plan to end Medicare as we know it and throw our health care system into chaos.” Democrats in support of the letter are against the Republicans’ proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher program.

Self-Employed Worried About ‘Job Lock’ if ACA Repealed

Some self-employed business owners fear that if the ACA is repeal. They may have to close their businesses and go back to finding a job to get access to affordable health insurance. Taking a job you don’t want just to get health insurance called “job lock. The prospect of losing protections for preexisting conditions is also a concern for some self-employed individuals with major health problems.

Who were able to get coverage

Who were able to get coverage because of the ACA. For one entrepreneur (Namir Yedid) who left his job to start a tech company. And later diagnosed with cancer, this Modern Healthcare article stated. “He’s angry that the Republicans rushing to repeal the law without telling. Public exactly what they’re going to put in its place, making it not possible for people to plan their business lives. If an ACA repeal removes the provision that allows young people to stay on their parents’ health plan until age 26. Some worried that this could discourage young people from pursuing entrepreneurship.

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