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Get Travel Insurance After Diagnosing Breast Cancer Symptoms

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Many clients asking for how to get Travel Insurance After Diagnosing Breast Cancer Symptoms. Today in this article, I would like to cover all about how to get Travel Insurance After Diagnosing Breast Cancer Symptoms. However, if still, any question comes in your mind then place comments bellow. I’ll glad if I come along with answer to your how to get Travel Insurance After Diagnosing Breast Cancer Symptoms.

  1. Can I get insurance after diagnosing breast cancer?
  2. Travel Insurance Tips
  3. You will need to provide.
  4. Can I exclude breast cancer from coverage?
  5.  European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

1. Can I get travel insurance after diagnosing breast cancer?

If you plan to travel abroad, you may have trouble get travel insurance through diagnosis, but there are some companies that specialize in providing coverage for people who have had cancer. You may need to try several companies to get adequate coverage. Most insurers rely on their decision to offer coverage from individual circumstances, so one person may be offered coverage, but not another.

If you have a problem, it can disappoint and make you feel like you’re being fined for something out of your control.

Note that travel insurance will not cover you for any claims related to breast cancer and your treatment or any other medical condition that is available if you do not tell the insurance company when you buy the policy.

If you have secondary breast cancer, some insurers may not be able to offer coverage.

Read our travel insurance and secondary breast cancer information »

2. Travel Insurance Tips

Check the cost of travel insurance before booking a vacation; An insurance premium may mean that you cannot make the trip you want.
Some countries (such as European countries) are easier and cheaper to get coverage than others (such as the USA and the Caribbean).

If you have an annual travel insurance policy or free travel insurance (for example, through your bank), you must tell your insurer about the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Compare premium prices and conditions vary greatly. Give enough time to get quotes, as you may need to call several companies before you find the proper coverage.

If you are traveling with a person who has a different policy than yours, he must also tell the travel insurance provider about your cancer, or he may not be covered by cancellation or reduction (reduction of holidays) through your illness.

Visit our online discussion forum to find out what people can say about travel insurance companies based on their own experience in obtaining coverage and submitting claims.

3. Information you must provide

Medical history

You must provide detailed information about your medical history (cancer and other diseases) in order to get a price. This is known as a physical examination. The insurer will use this information to determine if it can offer you a policy, will be covered and how much it will cost.

Consider the following:

  • Surgery: what type of surgery did you have (e.g., mastectomy or extensive local excision)?
  • Chemotherapy: did you know which combination of drugs you were given and when?
  • hormone therapy: what medications are you taking (e.g. tamoxifen or anastrozole)?
  • radiation therapy: have you received or are you receiving this treatment?
  • Target (biological) therapy: what medications are you taking (e.g. trastuzumab)?
  • other medicines are you taking now?

Some people find it difficult to talk about breast cancer several times a day. You might want to consider whether you will be a friend or family member with you. So do this, or limit the number of companies you call in one day. Some people find it helpful to use an insurance broker to find the right insurance provider. Several companies allow you to first examine yourself on the Internet. You can start with them to get an idea of ​​the type of questions.

doctor’s letter

You may need a letter from a hospital team doctor or primary care doctor confirming that you’ve had a diagnosis of breast cancer. But you can travel. Some doctors may charge you for this. You may also need a letter from a doctor who confirms that it is safe to travel with a certain drug.

Check the wording of the policy carefully to make sure it meets your requirements. If you have something that you don’t understand, you can contact your travel insurance provider and ask them to explain to you.

4. Can I exclude breast cancer from my insurance coverage?

Once you have finished your treatment and it is unlikely that your doctor will seek medical attention for breast cancer. If you’re away, you can take out an insurance policy that excludes any claims related to breast cancer.

However, this option not only excludes breast cancer, but also any claim arising from or treating breast cancer. For example, if you are taking tamoxifen as part of a breast cancer treatment and you are suffering from DVT (deep vein thrombosis). It may not be covered by tamoxifen. Consult your doctor or team of experts before considering claims for breast cancer policy. You still need to provide a health insurance company with all the health information.

5. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you are traveling to a European Union (EU) country, there are reciprocal medical arrangements that you can use if you need medical treatment during your vacation. This gives you the right to free or reduced costs.

Thanks for visiting also an article about getting Travel Insurance After Diagnosing Breast Cancer Symptoms in Female. Also, place comments below if you still have any question about how to Get Travel Insurance After Diagnosing Breast Cancer Symptoms in Female.

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