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Golden Baba’ Seeks Security for His Gold Asking Protection from Agra SSP

golden baba

Indian Golden Baba‘ Seeks security for his Gold Asking for protection from Agra SSP. According to ANI At Agra, seen on May 29, a gold dressed ascetic? Meet to the Golden Baba, the infamously famous austere head of Juna Akhara. A Baba Golden puri who’s recently sought security from Agra SSP (Superintendent of Police) travel from Ujjain Mahakumbh to Haridwar.

golden baba
golden baba seeks security

The Indian Golden Baba’ Seeks security for his Gold Asking for protection from Agra SSP

Gold Baba also traveling with all his followers to Barely through Agra with golden gears of about 20 kg. Furthermore, he’s also carrying golden statues of gods as well as other ornaments.

The Gold Baba said that he’s wearing golden coins and Golden Chanes  since 1972 and these ornaments give him satisfaction to worship god. Meanwhile police officers said that Golde Baba will be provid with security protection under the Agra SSP region.

Golden Baba’ Seeks Security for His Gold

Golden Baba who’s recently sought security from Agra SSP (Superintendent of Police) traveling from Ujjain Mahakumbh to Haridwar along with his folwers.

Agra. On the body of 20 kgs of gold, Baba, as soon as he reached Tamajan, he got huge crowd of self-helpers. After that he immediately reached the Agra SSP office, where he demanded to provide security to the from Agra SSP zone. Therefore, After getting police protection, Baba Golden Puri left for Haridwar with a convoy of 53 luxary Cars and luxary vehicles. He wearing Gold for 44 years.

Golden Baba Wearing Gold Since 1972

Baba Golddenpuri of Haridwar Juna Akhara told that Goldeb Baba wearing gold since 1972. These gold ornaments are their goddesses and they feel comfortable wearing all of them. He told that Gold Baba wearing about twenty kgs of gold on his body daily. The Baba going to Bareilly via Agra area that why he dmanded security from Agra SSP for his Gold. Furthermore, Indian Gaelden Baba told that he’s going Bareilly towards via Agra area with big convoy along with Luxry Cars and folweers from Ujjain Mahakumbh.

Gaelden Baba Luxry Cars and His Folweers

In the Golden Baba convoy there’re golden idols of gold, crown, gold throne and ornament. He told that whole thing that’s to be store in the Juna Akhara. Due to security sought for fear of unauthorized.

Golden Baba asked to SSP Preetinder Singh

Golden Baba asked to Agra SSP Preetinder Singh to provide security guards for Bareilly. So that there’d be no any acident during his visit. Agra SSP agreed and said that keeping in mind the demand of Gold Baba, security being given in Agra SSP zone area. Also, SSP of districts falling to Haridwar also been inform about the convoy of Golden Baba Puri. There’ll be security throughout the road for Baba.

Agitated crowd for Golden Baba in the Collect orate campus

Golden Baba with convay
Indian Golden Baba with convey security from agra ssp

However, Baba Golden Puri came out  to see them all crowd. Because there’s a crowd in the entire collect orate campus for Gold Baba Puri. Finally, after getting Agra police protection, Baba Golden Puri left for Haridwar with a convoy of 53 Luxry Cars and vehicles.

In Conclusion of Protection baba golden puri

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