Insurance Company Dragging out my Insurance Claim After Car Accident

Why Insurance Company Dragging out my Insurance Claim After Car Accident?  Many people asking question about Insurance Company Dragging out my Insurance Claim After Car Accident. That why I decided to write for those who have question for why Insurance Company Dragging out my Insurance Claim After Car Accident.

Why Insurance Company Dragging out my Insurance Claim After Car Accident?

I have seen many insurance clients with lawyers representing the injury portion of a auto insurance claim. Here is their modus operand.

  1. You sign a contract with the your lawyer.
  2. The lawyer files a lawsuit in different 1 or 2 counties, the one in which you live & the one in which the accident occurred. These lawsuits are filed for the day be4 the second anniversary of the auto accident. Which is the limit to sue them. (you must make mind that you are paying these expenses, usually $600–1000 each)
  3. The lawyer places your file in a drawer & forgets about it.
  4. Whenever you call about your insurance case the staff will respond “we’re working on it” but there is nothing really being done on your case.
  5. As it gets close to trial date, they believe that the insurer will be more willing to settle as juries are unpredictable & if they actually start trial their fee increases significantly too.
  6. They will then accept a reasonable settlement of your Insurance Claim After Car Accident , which is not much more than you probably would’ve received anyway. But now they will grind down your all medical bills to get you a little more of a settlement of Insurance Claim After Car Accident.
  7. And penny pinch every possible fee & charge they can get out of you, like as $10 to mail a letter in your behalf.

In reality, if you are having trouble with any insurance company claim, contact your state’s Department of Insurance or similar which regulates insurers in your country. Also, in my experience, there are insurance companies that will delay paying  much as long as legally possible. Also when speaking with opposing insurance lawyers, watch what you say, it is not a social call, but they will trick you with vernacular when they ask like as, “How are you doing?” if you say “ok” or “good” they are interpreting that as medically, and dismiss your body pain, suffering, and injuries “He said that he felt fine and well .” so I guess the correct answer would be, as applicable, “Well, like as I’m alive and suffering the worst pain which I’ve ever felt in my life, the meds barely relieve the pain & I have not been able to sleep since my accident. I wish there were some words that could adequately express what I am feeling constantly now.”

But I know very well that none of us likes to wait, especially when we’re owed money. It seems that you or your doctors believe you have injuries that are lingering. If you’re injured & treatment is not yet complete it will be  very difficult for the insurance company to make any offer on your injuries.

Super frustrating, but if you need net cash taking an offer that is less than what like you could speed things up. You could contact the DOI if you’re talking about compensation for any future costs, pain & suffering or lost wages, I don’t believe they’d have any ability to force any quick decision.

You could contract with your insurance lawyer, however they usually work for a portion of the proceeds (20% to 30%). If you contract with a lawyer and you feel you “deserve” $100,000 & a court agrees, you’ll only get about $70,000%. The more severe the accident, the more seeing insurance lawyer will make sense.

ALL claims adjusters are well trained to pay what is owed; not a penny more or a penny less. If you are represented by an attorney, you need to ask your attorney why he/she has not provided the necessary negotiated or documentation in a timely manner. No adjuster wants a file to linger on his/her desk. The longer a case will remains open, the more work is created for the insurance adjuster & support staff. If you are not represented by counsel, you might want to contact the insurance adjuster in a non-confrontational manner & ask what you can provide to make his/her decision very easier. In general you purchased med-pay coverage, your company does not owe any money for your injuries. With med-pay the company pays necessary related medical bills.

In case If the other party of accident is un-insured or under-insured & you have purchased un-insured/under-insured coverage, the company Might owe necessary & related lost income, medical bills “pain and suffering”. Have you (or your attorney) contacted the other party’s insurance on the matter of the payment?

The insurance company department is your friend. They tend to be very consumer very friendly & will make the company justify their actions. Likewise, there are state statutes the company must comply with regarding insurance policy length of time to pay or explain denial. go to the insurance department. they have more affect than lawyers. If the other driver was at fault & their insurance company is taking an inordinate amount of time, just turn your lawyer loose on them..

But If you’re dealing with your own insurance company, than you’re kinda at their mercy.. If they’re going to be brought into court over lagging on a claim, they might as well refuse it altogether & handle it all at one time. If it is a real issue (10–12 months or more) then look for the Insurance Commissioner in your country state and lodge a complaint. Other options in many major cities in the United State are the “local” TV stations. Many have people who are “On Your Side” & will work with you to resolve & in many cases give publicity (bad or good) about the complaint.

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