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Obamacare Lawsuit News Update for Dec. 6, 2016

Obamacare Lawsuit News Update for Dec. 6, 2016

Obamacare Lawsuit

The House Republicans’ lawsuit against Obamacare’s subsidy program has delay by U.S. Court. of Washington. A judge previously ruled that Obamacare premium tax credits. Were unlawful because funding didn’t come from Congress. Furthermore, proceedings delayed to give Trump’s Justice Department to decide on settling or withdrawing the case.

  • If House Republicans win the suit to get rid of premium tax credits. Also, called cost-sharing subsidies could cause insurance companies. To sharply raise premiums or exit the ACA exchange markets. Since the law requires them to reduce cost-sharing burdens for eligible members in silver plans. As this Modern Healthcare article
  • Without a replacement option for cost-sharing funds, this would also prevent insurance companies from receiving payments. So, insurance companies would loses out on money they expected to receive.

ACA Repeal on the Insurance Market

GOP lawmakers slowly coming to terms with the need to take action to protect the individual insurance. The Insurance market from collapse and prevent plans from exiting the market in 2018. Health plan carriers watching to see if Republicans will delay the elimination of premium tax credits. Medicaid expansion both of which insurance companies say is “key to making the individual insurance business financially viable.”

Obamacare Subsidies and the Republican States

Based on a premium tax credit study from the KFF. The people in Republican “red” states that Trump won may impact the most if subsidies are eliminated. Because of an ACA repeal. $32.8 billion in subsidies the KFF study revealed Americans received. A CNBC article points out that half of the amount went to people in 5 states. Trump won these states California, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia. Except for California, 

Obamacare Lawsuit News Update for Dec. 6, 2016

Obamacare Lawsuit News Update For Selling across state lines.

Republicans want insurance companies to sell policies across state lines while only meeting the regulations of their home state. Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump’s healthcare reform say this will boost competition. And allow consumers to buy plans that better suit their needs. Insurance executives say it may be costly for insurance companies to enter a new market. And arrange contracts with local doctors and hospitals. Some consumer groups argue that:

  • Companies may flock to states that limited regulations for the industry. Which could lead to cheaper plans with limited coverage.
  • States that sell comprehensive coverage may see healthy people leaving their state marketplace. Also, to buy bare-bones plans in other states.
  • If more healthy people leaving in states with comprehensive coverage. So, this will drive up premiums for people with health problems in those states.

ACA tax credits

The KFF released a study showing that Marketplace enrollees received about $32.8 billion in tax credits. Because of the ACA and that this tax credit will disappear if the ACA repealed.

Obamacare Lawsuit News Update Medicare

Despite some Republicans like House Speaker John and Tom Price proposing to privatize Medicare. Vice President-elect Mike Pence during an interview said. Also, the Medicare overhaul isn’t on Trump’s healthcare agenda. Pence also stated that the first thing the Trump team has to do is get the weight of Obamacare off the back of the national economy. Hope that’ll create tremendous economic growth in businesses large and small. Then setting an orderly transition process in place to capture the power of the free Medicare market.

Obamacare Lawsuit News Update Repealing Obamacare

  • John said. in his 60 Minutes interview. The repealing Obamacare will be the congressional Republicans’ first priority once Trump takes office. A question asked of the john. about 3-year transition plan. therefore, I don’t know the answer to that right now. However, What we know is we’ve to make good on this promise. We’ve to bring relief as fast as possible to people who’re struggling under Obamacare. This article provides more info about the interview.
  • Healthcare associations launching efforts to save the 20 million people. Who gained coverage through Obamacare. CEO of the American Hospital Association Richard Pollack wrote a letter urging Trump. That any repeal of the ACA should simultaneously include a replacement plan that continues to provide affordable coverage. The American Medical Association also made similar requests like as that a Trump healthcare. Which reform proposal shouldn’t any cause on any individuals which currently covered to become uninsured.

Obamacare Lawsuit News Update for Dec. 2, 2016

  • Employers could slow down on hiring and investments because of unclear plans about Trump’s healthcare reform. Potential reforms could mean the loss of about 200,000 jobs in the healthcare industry. A plan to repeal and replace Obamacare could take years to achieve, which may prolong confusion for business owners.
  • Americans divided over repealing Obamacare, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey:
    • 30 percent want Obamacare to be expand
    • 26 percent want Obamacare to be repeal
    • 19 percent want Obamacare to remain as is
    • 17 percent want Obamacare to be scale back
    • 3 percent don’t know or want something else
  • The GOP’s plan to privatize Medicare facing resistance from the Senate. Because some GOP lawmakers say they’re not planning to make big changes “at least not in the first year of the Trump administration.”

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