Oil Tanker Crashed on a road near Bahawalpur on Sunday

Oil Tanker Crashed on a road near Bahawalpur on Sunday and more that 153 people, many of whom had rushed to collect leaking fuel, were killed when it exploded. The tanker carrying 40,000 liters of fuel overturned after trying to make a sharp turn while traveling from Karachi to Lahore on the main highway.

Oil Tanker Crashed on a road near Bahawalpur on Sunday

Nearly a hundred people were injured as a result of the incident, the government officials said.

A doctor at Bahawalpur’s Victoria Hospital in south Punjab said the latest deaths occurred at a hospital in Multan where some of the 50 critically injured were taken, many of them suffering extensive burns.

A senior rescue official in the area said the death toll could rise further as dozens are still in critical condition.

The disaster occurred when hundreds of residents of a nearby village gathered at the site of an overturned oil tanker to collect the leaking fuel. It’s believed that a spark from the many cars and motorcycles that raced to the scene ignited the fuel.

through sources, confirmed the latest toll, updating a previous figure, many of the bodies were burned beyond recognition and will have to be identified through DNA testing.

“When [the tanker] turned over the residents of the nearby village of Ramzanpur Joya rushed to the site with buckets and other containers, and a large number of people on motorcycles also came and started collecting the spilling fuel,” many people were seen.

“After about 10 minutes the tanker exploded in a huge fireball and enveloped the people collecting petrol. It was not clear how the fire started.”

Sources said. police raced to the scene and tried to keep people away from the tanker but they were ignored as residents continued filling their containers with fuel from Oil Tanker Crashed.

At least six cars and 12 motorcycles were burnt in the blaze.

The charred wreckage of the motorcycles and cars could be seen scattered on the highway, along with kitchen utensils, pots, water coolers, jerry cans and buckets which victims had brought to collect the petrol.

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