Monday, 27 January, 2020

President Donald Trump ceremony to award public safety officers

President Donald Trump ceremony to award public safety officers. President Donald Trump hosts a ceremony at the White House to award 12 public safety officers with the highest decoration of bravery for their field, the Public Safety Medal of Valor.

WATCH LIVE: Trump hosts the Public Safety Medal of Valor awards ceremony
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NEXT UP — THE PRESIDENT is scheduled to meet with SPEAKER PAUL RYAN at Mar-a-Lago today to discuss the Republican legislative agenda. GOP sources tell us that there’s little proactive strategizing happening in the West Wing and at the agencies to drive any legislative push before the midterm elections. While Trump has been publicly pushing his infrastructure plan, GOP and Democratic insiders don’t expect that to go anywhere. And talk of some kind of overhaul to the country’s welfare system is privately met with nervous laughter and unease. GOP political operatives would like their congressional counterparts to focus on one thing — selling tax reform.

THE SENATE’S FAILURE to pass immigration legislation last week should not go unnoticed. It’s the one issue that both Republicans and Democrats say they want to fix — and something both parties expect will be a major issue at the ballot box this fall. But the road to finding a solution to so-called Dreamers just got more complicated as it’s now up to the House to try and resolve it in a highly partisan environment. IN THE HOUSE, It’s hard to see Democrats agree to anything House Republicans put on the floor — especially given where the debate has been focused in recent days. THE TRUMP EFFECT is real here. Congressional Republicans want to pass something that could actually get signed into law. It’s still unclear exactly what deal Trump would take.

BREAKING — “Commercial plane crashes in southern Iran, killing 66 people,” by AP’s Nasser Karimi in Tehran and Jon Gambrell: “An Iranian commercial plane crashed on Sunday in a foggy, mountainous region of southern Iran, killing all 66 people on board, state media reported

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