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Which Types Of Life Insurance Do Everyone Needs in Life?

Which Types Of Life Insurance Do Everyone Needs in Life?

Answer to Which Types Of Life Insurance Do Everyone Needs in Life is clear? Actually not everyone needs life insurance. However, the general rule is that you only need life insurance if you have an obligation. Generally, there’re dependent children who still living at home or who have not yet graduated from school and college. But it also depends on who depends, like your spouse, siblings or older parents. In this article I’ll share the types Oof Life Insurance do everyone needs in Life.

Which Types Of Life Insurance Do Everyone Needs in Life?

Life throws us a lot of unexpected things. While we usually can’t stop these things from happening. However, we can choose to save lives a little. The purpose of life insurance is to provide us with at least financial security in the event of a disaster. There’re many Life Insurance options, and many financial Insurance experts tell us that we want to keep current Life Insurance policies. However, with so many Life Insurance options, it can be difficult to determine what Life Insurance Policy you need. Therefore, purchasing appropriate insurance always determined by your specific situation.


Factors such as age of baby, your age, lifestyle and employment should all come to mind when we thinking about your life insurance portfolio. You can see related reading on the web, See How Much Life Insurance Policy Should You Make?

Types Of Life Insurance

However, there’re four types of insurance which most financial experts recommend all to have: health, cars and long-term disability. Each one of them covers a certain aspect of your life and each one is very important for your financial future.

Life insurance

The most important factor in obtaining life insurance is providing people who are left behind. This is very important if you have a family that depends on your salary in order to pay bills. Industry experts suggest that a life insurance policy should include “a banquet ten times your annual income.” This amount will provide enough money to cover running expenses, funeral expenses and financing your family. This pillow will help you regroup after your death.

When assessing the size of insurance coverage, you need not only funeral expenses, but also mortgage payments and housing expenses, such as loans, credit cards and taxes, as well as child care expenses and future college expenses. You are welcome.

Small Insurance Companies, formerly known as the Association for Marketing and Research on Life Insurance, says the main payroll depends on the family, which depends on the family for only a few months of its life. It can cover expenses, and four out of ten will have problems immediately.

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The two main types of life insurance are a traditional lifetime and a life span. Simply put, your whole life is the policy you pay for, and Term Life fixed-term policy. You should seek the advice of a financial expert when planning your life insurance needs. There are many differences between the two policies. When choosing between them, consumers should take into account their age, occupation, number of dependent children and other factors to provide them with the necessary coverage to protect their family. there is. (For more information, see “What to Expect When Applying for Life Insurance.”)

Medical insurance

According to a recent Harvard study, statistics show that “your family is a serious illness from bankruptcy.” He also concluded that “in 2007, 62% of all personal bankruptcy in the United States was due to health problems, and 78% of these individuals had health insurance at the beginning of the illness.”

Only those numbers should motivate you to get health insurance or increase your existing coverage. The key to finding the right coverage is buying around. Although participating in your employer’s insurance program is the best and least expensive option, many small businesses do not provide this benefit.

Finding affordable health insurance

Finding affordable health insurance is difficult, especially without an employer-sponsored program or if you already have a medical condition. According to the Kaiser / HERT survey, the average insurance premium for an employee in an employer-managed healthcare program was about $ 4,100. With increasing co-payments, annual deductions and lower insurance coverage, health insurance has become less affordable, but at least policy is better than no insurance coverage. A day at a hospital can cost from $ 985 to $ 2696. Even if you have minimal coverage, it can provide some financial benefits for your hospital stay.

As the health care debate in Washington continues, nearly 48 million Americans do not have insurance coverage. Consult your employer about medical benefits, find out about any potential group health insurance professional organizations. If you are over 50, AARP has several health insurance offers. (For more information, see the “Buying Private Health Insurance” section.)

Long-term disability coverage.

We think that we will never need this insurance, because none of us suggests that we will be disabled. However, statistics from the Social Security Administration show that three out of 10 employees entering the workplace will be disabled and will not be able to work until they reach retirement age. Of the population, 12% currently disabled in one form or another, and 50% of them’re of working age.

Even employees who have health insurance, an excellent egg, and good life insurance policies are never ready for the day when they cannot work for weeks, months, or sometimes at work. I can’t come back. When health insurance pays for your hospitalization and medical bills, where is the money to pay for your daily expenses that your payment checks?

Here are some statistics on disability:

  • About 50%, 3% of all disability mortgage projections are related to death.
  • Nearly 90% of accidents and diseases that do not meet the criteria are not work related.
  • Over the past 10 minutes, 598 Americans become disabled.

If you are injured and do not even work for three months, will you have enough savings to cover your living expenses? Think about what you might face financially if you suffer from a serious illness like cancer and cannot work for more than a year.

Short-term and Long-term disability insurance

Many employers offer both short-term and long-term disability insurance as part of their benefits package. This would be a great option to provide affordable disability coverage. If they do not, find a private insurer. If you are not sure what coverage you need, ARP offers you an excellent disability insurance calculator.

A policy that guarantees an alternative to revenue is the best policy. The most common terms are alternatives from 50 to 60% of your income. The cost of disability insurance depends on many factors, including age, lifestyle, and health. To reach a group or an employer, the average rate in 2009 was about $ 238 a year, or $ 5 a week. A small price to pay if you suffer from a devastating illness or injury. Disability insurance ensures that you will receive a certain income when you are unable to work.

Auto insurance

According to data released by the Mortality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), in 2009, more than a million traffic accidents occurred in the United States (the latest available data), and 33,808 people died as a result of an accident. The dead. Car crashes were the first cause of death for Americans between the ages of five and 34. In 2009, more than two million drivers and passengers were treat in emergency rooms. And the cost of these accidents was estimated at $ 70 million.

Although drivers do not need auto insurance in all states, most accidents require financial liability. Many states periodically check drivers for insurance. If you do not have insurance coverage, the amount of the fine can vary from state to state and can vary from 500 to 1,000 US dollars, depending on the suspension of your license and the definition of your driver’s book.

Traveling without car insurance

If you are traveling without car insurance and an accident occurs, the penalty is likely to be the least of your financial expenses. Your car, like your home, is a valuable asset that you use every day. If your car is damaged in an accident and you do not have auto insurance, you will not have the opportunity to change this vehicle unless you have a large savings account and if you use a car. If you can cover insurance costs, you really don’t want to click into this savings. General Chat Chat Lounge

If you, a passenger or another driver were injured in an accident, your auto insurance will pay for these costs and help you avoid any legal proceedings that may result from this accident. Auto insurance also protects your car from theft, debris, or natural disasters such as a hurricane or other weather events.

Your car insurance.

Again, like any insurance, your individual circumstances will determine the cost of your car insurance. The best advice is to look for a few price offers, carefully read the coverage provided and periodically check whether you are entitled to lower rates depending on age, driving experience or place of residence.

Bottom line

Although insurance is expensive and certainly contributes a lot to your budget. It can lead to an economic disaster without it. Always check with your employer for available coverage, as this is probably the most economical way to protect your coverage. If your employer does not offer this, get a few recommendations from several insurance companies. Schedule time with agents who offer coverage in several areas, as some discounts may apply if you buy more than one type of coverage. (Read more in the Understanding the Insurance Contract section.)

The cost of not having insurance is nothing compared to living without it.

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