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Whole Life Insurance Policy is Important for those Who have “Z” in Name

The Whole Life Insurance Policy is so important for those Who’ve “Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name. However, being a Muslim we believe that كُلُّ-نَفْسٍ-ذَآئِقَةُ-الْمَوْتِ-“Kullu nafsin zaikatul maut”. That means we all human will have death but we not know when we’ll die. Because there’s no any  use to know when we’ll die. I was search a lot about how we’ll die. After lot of researching I got just one thing which is all people of the world will accidental death who have “Z” in his or her name. In this article, we’ll discus about the Whole Life Insurance Policy is important for those Who’ve “Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name.

Whole Life Insurance Policy is important for Who have “Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name

First of all, let me tell you clearly that we’ll die one day so we no need to mind it. Because that’s universal truth. I’m a Muslim and believed in Quran which is last message from Almighty God. We all know that Almighty God says in Quran that everyone will die. According to Quran كُلُّ-نَفْسٍ-ذَآئِقَةُ-الْمَوْتِ-“Kullu nafsin zaikatul maut”. So if we all will die, then why not we make some arrangement before we died. That’s the main reason to buy whole life Insurance policy before we die.

What’s Life Insurance Policy?

However, the Life insurance or life assurance same things. Especially in the Common wealth of Nations is a contract between an insurer or assurer and insurance policy holder.  So, where insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of fixed money in exchange for a premium. But upon the death of an insured person that how he or she died.

Also, Life insurance policy is cheapest and available when you’re least likely to think about to buy insurance policy. Death is a far-off abstraction and you don’t think of yourself as someone who needs whole life insurance policy.

Why we need to buy whole Life Insurance Policy?

However, there’re many reasons that we need to buy whole life insurance policy. But here I’ll discuss few reasons so why we need whole life insurance policy.

We need whole life insurance policy after getting married

First of all, you must know if your spouse would suffer financially after your death. Then the whole life insurance policy is a smart purchase. Also, with marriage often comes financial interdependence in life. Because you pool both of your incomes to pay your credit card bills, mortgage bills, or car loans. What’d happen if your all income disappeared in your life? However, by naming a spouse as beneficiary on your whole life insurance policy. You ensure that your life partner will’ve financial means to carry on.

When Having a baby

However, in all over the world about half of women under age 25 have at least one child. According to my own research and the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data. Most parents should’ve whole life insurance policy to provide for their kids in case of the unthinkable in life.

Also, choose a beneficiary whom you 100% trust to use the money for your child. However, you can work with an attorney to set up a trust for the whole life insurance policy benefits. You can name the trust as beneficiary. Also the trust document spells out how the money should be use for your child. Furthermore, whom you designate the trustee, manages the money.

Whole Life Insurance Policy is Important for Who have “Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name

Although, whole life insurance policy is necessary for all people but very important for those Who have “Z” in Name. According to my research people of the worldwide will die who have “Z” in Name. It’s not necessary that a person will belong to any country or to any religion or to any community. I means all those people who belong to the name which have “Z” in his or her name. However, those people can be from any area or from any country and from any religion too. So Those people must buy whole life insurance policy before they die. Because whole life insurance policy is Important for those Who have “Z” in Name.

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance Policy for Who have “Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name

This’s universal truth that all people who had “Z” in Name died by accidental death. I never seen in my life that someone normal died who had “Z” in his or her name. You can do some research in your local area. I’m sure no one you’ll see who dies as a normal death. Someone maybe died by some chronic diseases like as cancer. Some died by accident, someone killed by others or some by long sickness. So the better for them to buy whole life insurance Policy before they die. Because whole life insurance Policy is Important, Who have “Z” in Name, so beneficiary get benefits after your death.

Search in your Local Area about those Who had “Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name?

Maybe you’ll get some confusion after reading my article but you no need to be confuse. Just think about someone who had “Z” in Name in your local area and how they died. If my research will true, then you must go to buy whole life insurance policy before you die. So your life partner and kids get benefits. However, you must get life insurance quotes from life insurance companies before you apply for whole life insurance policy. There you’ll get term life insurance for whole life insurance policy of cheap life insurance. Must check life insurance rates in term life insurance quotes before apply to any life insurance companies.

Accidental Death Happened to All People Who had “Es, n, Z or ذال‬ ” in Name

According to my researched to thousands of popular people who died by Accidental Death. I’m thinking now if they had accidental death insurance policy before death so may be their beneficiary get benefits. However, it’s 100 present truth that people must buy whole life insurance policy Who’ve “Z” in Name before death. So, if you love to your life partner and kids then must buy whole life insurance policy before your death. Your beneficiary will get benefits after your death if you get whole life insurance policy before death.

Some Popular Names who had ” Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name

Here some populars names who killed by someone according to List of United States presidential assassination attempts and plots.

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. James A. Garfield
  3. William McKinley
  4. John F. Kennedy
  5. Ronald Wilson Reagan

List of assassinated Indian politicians Who died by accidental death

  1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 1948.
  2. Pratap Singh Kairon 1965 Rohtak Chief Minister of Indian Punjab Personal Enmity.
  3. K. Kunhali 1969 Kerala MLA Communist Party.
  4. Krishna Desai 1970 Maharashtra MLA Communist.
  5. Lalit Narayan Mishra 1975 Samastipur, Bihar Minister of Indian Railways from Indian National Congress.
  6. Mr. Indira Gandhi 1984 New Delhi Prime Minister of India country.
  7. Lalit Maken 1985 New Delhi Member of Parliament.
  8. Harjinder Singh Jinda, Sukhdev Singh Sukha
  9. Ranjit Singh Gill
  10. Rajiv Gandhi 1991 Sriperumbudur,
  11. A Tamil Nadu Leader of opposition Tamil Tigers who in protest against sending Indian troops to Sri Lanka.
  12. Nagina Rai Bihar[1] Cabinet Minister.
  13. Mr. Beant Singh 1995 Chandigarh, Indian Punjab Chief Minister of Punjab Indian National Congress suspected.
  14. Khalistani separatists in a car bombing in secretariat building, killing 17 others including 3 Indian commandos.
  15. Alimineti Madhava Reddy 2000 Ghatkesar. A Telangana Panchayatiraj, Who former Home Minister of Telugu Desam Party.
  16.  Mr. Abdul Ghani Lone 2001 Jammu. Who was Kashmir Kashmiri separatist leader. Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference.
  17.  Indian Phoolan Devi New Delhi Member of the Parliament Samajwadi Party.
  18.  Haren Pandya 2003 Ahmedabad Home Minister Gujarat Bharatiya Janata Party.
  19.  Krishnanand Rai 2005 Baswania. From Uttar Pradesh MLA Bharatiya Janata Indian Party.
  20. Paritala Ravindra Ananthapur. Who was from Andhra Pradesh MLA Telugu Desam Indian Party.
  21. Pramod Mahajan 2006 Mumbai. A former Cabinet Minister Bharatiya Janata Indian Party.
  22. Madan Tamang 2010 Darjeeling, West Bengal President.
  23. T. P. Chandrasekharan 2012 Kerala Revolutionary Marxist Revolutionary Marxist Party.
  24.  Vidya Charan Shukla 2013 Sukma. A Chhattisgarh Minister of External Affairs Indian National Congress. Who was Communist Insurgents waging war against the Indian Republic.
  25. Nand Kumar Patel Sukma, Chhattisgarh Home Minister
    Mahendra Karma.

Assassinated Pakistani politicians who killed

Here some popular name of Pakistani politicians who killed by someone.

  1. Najeeb Ahmed.
  2. Tahira Asif.
  3. Aziz ul Haq.
  4. Shahbaz Bhatti.
  5. Benazir Bhutto.
  6. Murtaza Bhutto.
  7. Shahnawaz Bhutto.
  8. Abdul Raziq Bugti.
  9. Zahoor Elahi (politician).
  10. Farid Khan (politician)
  11. Gen Zia Ul Haq Shaeed.
  12. Raza Haider.
  13. Zahra Shahid Hussain.
  14. Ikramullah Gandapur.
  15. Syed Manzar Imam.
  16. Israr Ullah Khan Gandapur.
  17. Habib Jalib Baloch.
  18. Rustam Jamali.
  19. Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan.
  20. Liaquat Ali Khan.
  21. Shuja Khanzada.
  22. Mir Nooruddin Mengal.
  23. Imran Khan Mohmand.
  24. Pir Syed Muhammad Binyamin Rizvi.
  25. Sajid Qureshi.
  26. Fazil Rahu.
  27. Siraj Raisani.
  28. Hayat Sherpao.
  29. Soran Singh.
  30. Azeem Ahmed Tariq.
  31. Salmaan Taseer.
  32. Zil-e-Huma Usman.
  33. Hussain Ali Yousafi.
  34. Miangul Asfandyar Amir Zeb.

There’re several names available on Google who killed by someone. You can search if you’ve some time. Also, you can search some local names in your local area. You’ll know how they died. So if you know that my provided information is true, then better to apply for whole life insurance before died.

Small Insurance Companies Provide only Insurance information

You must know that Small Insurance Companies Provide only Insurance information to readers and insurance clients. Small Insurance Companies not Provide any Insurance policy and not selling any Insurance products to anyone. Small Insurance Companies not Provide just insurance information, now its up to you that you’ll buy whole life insurance policy or not.

In Conclusion

In this article we discussed about the Whole Life Insurance Policy is Important for those Who’ve “Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name. Hope you’ll do some research in your local area. I’m 100% sure that you’ll found true information which Small insurance Companies provided. However. you can place comments bellow on the Whole Life Insurance Policy is Important for those Who’ve “Es, n, Z or ذال‬” in Name. We’ll appreciate your comments in case anythings you founded wrong. Hope you’ll buy whole life insurance policy because your beneficiary can’t get benefits until you buy whole life insurance policy.


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