women will attend all of the meetings going forward

women will attend all of the meetings going forward.”

McConnell extended invitations to three female colleagues for a Tuesday meeting of the working group, which Senator Shelley Moore Capito attended. A Thursday meeting was attended by Senator Joni Ernst. Additionally, McConnell has reportedly given an open invitation to any Republican Senator interested in attending the working group’s meetings.

Senate May Revert to Income-Based Subsidies in Revised Healthcare Bill

According to Senator John Hoeven, the House bill’s financial assistance “is just not robust enough to make sure that low-income individuals can actually afford a [health] plan.” Because of this, the Senate may consider using income-based health insurance subsidies in their healthcare bill.

Healthcare Reform News Update for May 11, 2017

Aetna Pulls Final 2 States From Individual Marketplace

Aetna has announced that the company will not offer any ACA Marketplace plans in Delaware or Nebraska in 2018. This marks the withdrawal of Aetna’s last two Marketplace plans, leaving the company with no ACA Marketplace participation for 2018. Aetna cited financial losses.

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